Claire Baldry

Different Genes: A Debut Novel by Claire Baldry

14th March 2017

Another writing journey begins.....well the novel is written, so you could describe this particular journey as the beginning of the end. I received an email today to say that the contract for publishing my novel will arrive shortly. Watch this space for further updates.


"Simon was struck by how good looking she was. He found his eyes wandering around her body and hoped she hadn’t noticed."

 Sixty-one year old Louise finally learns she is adopted after the death of her mother. She embarks on a quest to reveal the secrets of her past, helped by new companion and lover, Simon. In her first full length novel, author, Claire Baldry, sensitively explores the growing closeness between the newly retired couple as they develop their mutual understanding and physical relationship.  The reader is reminded of the changing values of the post war years, while Simon and Louise visit places from Louise’s past and meet people who knew her mother and grandmother. The story is set mainly in the author's home county of East  Sussex, but finishes in Kent, when Louise and Simon finally visit her birth mother’s grave at a convent in Chatham.

This immensely readable journey of discovery is a charming bitter sweet mixture of romance, sadness and genuine suspense

23rd March 2017

The contract is signed and returned, and my final manuscript (subject to a copy edit) is now with the publisher. Dates are only provisional, but I am hoping to have some printed copies to sell locally before the end of July.  The official publication date probably won't be until the end of October. Next stop.....discussing the cover!

5th April 2017

Today I received two emails from my publisher. The first email has set me up on their author centre, so I can add information to my 'Author Profile'. The second email gave me a link to my draft book description. If you go to and search for Claire Baldry, you will now find me!

First pre-publication review.

18th April 2017

" I highly recommend this immensely readable, well written, novel, full of romance, intrigue and suspense."

Hilary Cisnerros Mccorry Journalist and Former Producer/Presenter at BBC Radio Kent

23rd April 2017

The copy edit is complete, and I have today returned the final manuscript to the publisher. It will now be sent for a style proof and then typesetting.

1st May 2017

Below is a link to a map of many of the places which are featured in my novel



9th May 2017

Today I received the draft Press Release and Additional Information. All approved and returned to Matador. Apparently the cover will be ready in early June. How cool is that?  

25th June 2017

Last week I travelled to Kibworth, near Leisetershire and met Rosie (production controller) and Jasmine (marketing controller). The typesetting is almost complete, so I should receive the final proof very soon. I was also told to expect the cover in the next few days. Watch this space for further details of my visit!


6th July 2017

The final typset proof of my novel has arrived. A kind friend has given it one final read to spot any typos, and I am hoping to return it to Matador next week. The cover has now also appreared on my Matador Author page. It's quite small to see the details, but it gives an idea. This is the link.   

15th July 2017

I have returned the amended proofs as ready to print. Have also heard that the ebook will shortly be available on Amazon for pre-order. It's all happening!    

November 2017

I have been busy! The novel is now published as an ebook and paperback and is selling well with great reviews! I do hope readers of this page have enjoyed it, if they have read it.

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