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"I first started blogging in 2012 when Chris and I went on a trip to the Far East together. I called the blog '50 Blogging Days' and invited readers to donate to Diabetes UK. The blog raised over £300.

Since then I have written various blogs just for fun, including one called 'Building The Link'  which tracked the construction progress of the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road over eighteen months.

I also discovered that travelling was much more interesting if I set myself the task of writing a Blog. So my travel blog is called

'Bits and the Poet Go Travelling'. It is by far the most successful in terms of readership and clocked up over 71,000 hits in 2017. (Chris is often nicknamed 'Mr Bits'......more about that on another page!) With less travelling planned for 2018, I started a new blog to focus on books, my home town, and anything else I choose to inflict on my longsuffering readers.  

Below are the links to my latest blogs.

Bitsn'BooksBexhill Bits and the Poet Go Travelling